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Group Etiquette Classes

Is your group looking for something unique and exciting to do? We recommend elevating your next ladies’ night, professional gathering, or women’s group with a class on etiquette. Etiquette School of Excellence proudly offers elegant, semi-formal, and informal etiquette classes for adults, teens, and children. Groups of all sizes are welcome and a 3-course meal can be added for an additional charge. You can choose to focus your etiquette class on one of the three topics: Business Etiquette, Social Etiquette, or Table Etiquette. Please reach out to us to learn more about pricing and what will be included in your group etiquette Class.

Individual Etiquette Classes

Not every memorable event has to be done in a group setting. We offer personalized etiquette classes for individuals who prefer to learn proper Business, Social, or Table Etiquette in a one-on-one environment. Ms. Archie or one of our Etiquette Coordinators will create a “Table For One” brunch or dinner class tailored, just for you, and your specific needs as our focus. After the class, you will leave having gained more knowledge and confidence from the hands-on, unforgettable experience our program offers you.

ESE Program

The ESE Program is a group event hosted by Etiquette School of Excellence. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to purchase tickets to attend. Ms. Archie or one of her Etiquette Instructors will lead the class with lecture-type teaching, followed by hands-on instruction. The class is both informative and interactive, not to mention, so much fun! The class is typically held at a beautiful venue of our choice, and promises to be delight learning experience for you and your friends.

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