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Have you ever been invited to a formal dinner or event and was totally unaware of which utensil to use for each course? Have you ever wondered to yourself, “What do I do and not do at my upcoming business lunch? Have you steered far away from social events in fear of feeling uncomfortable and out of place? Fear can only be present when there is uncertainty. Simply learning proper etiquette can help alleviate the social anxiety and help elevate your social awareness. Learning and using proper etiquette is not only for the rich and famous, or individuals of high socioeconomic status. Learning proper etiquette is for everyone and anyone who is willing to adopt it and adapt to it.

In 2019, Ms. Uniqua Archie had a vision to elevate the social life of every child. Etiquette School of Excellence has become the manifestation of that vision. The idea was to create etiquette classes and host events that bring fun, elegance, and excitement to a hands-on learning experience that our guests would never forget. If formal events, galas, parties, dinners, weddings, showers, or even informal events are a part of your regular lifestyle, then our etiquette classes and events are for you.

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“Bring in the table and set out what belongs on it. Then bring in the lampstand and set up its lamps.”Exodus 40:4

Uniqua Archie

In 1999 Uniqua Archie moved from her hometown of Huntsville, TX to transition her life and everything that she had known to Houston, TX. After being a college student and dedicating years of her life to the Texas Southern University Police Department, she had a vision to see the very children and teens that she helped day after day totally transformed. Not satisfied with the state of the community she patrolled tirelessly, Uniqua knew she had to get involved in an even deeper way than she was currently. She had a desire to encourage the people of Houston to have hope, and opportunities, receiving the life skills that would prepare them for adulthood, starting at adolescence.

That desire grew into purpose, and in 2015, Make Me Over New was born. Mrs. Archie is the founder of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is built on the foundation to change the lives of pre-teens and teens on the inside and out. Its colors blue and red represent being renewed, refreshed, and revitalized. Being a certified Life Coach, Uniqua Archie mentors and speaks to the youth and young adults with the message encouraging them to make plans early for their future by creating goals and planning for a life of productivity and purpose, through her company, Uniquely New Services. Ms. Archie is a State of Texas Certified Life Coach & Peer Mentor; she assist those who suffer from addictive disorders, drug abuse and traumatic events. There is no limit to what Uniqua Archie is willing to do to help others. She has accepted her destiny assignment to cultivate the community and lives it out daily. Personally, she holds an Associate in Criminal Justice and currently pursuing a Bachelor degree at University of Houston Downtown in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology as well. Ms. Archie is the Mother of three sons whether professionally or personally, Ms. Archie is willing to hit the mark of life’s target.

A former Police Officer, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Coach, Certified Credit Consultant and Mentor are many of the hats Ms. Archie wears that all fit her well. Uniqua Archie has been created for a time such as this to build the youth of a dying generation, grow and beat the odds becoming all that they were created to be.

In 2007, Archie began her etiquette training while working for the German Consulate in Houston, TX. She had to quickly learn proper social and table etiquette, as well as, how to present herself in the presence of dignitaries. Ms. Archie’s relied heavily on the training she had received from her grandmother and mother, both southern bells, who taught her a great deal until she was fully trained in etiquette.

*Board Certified Credit Consultant
*Certified Mentor with State of Texas
*Certified Recovery Life Coach with State of Texas
*Member of Credit Consultants Association, Inc
*Leadership Award from Congressional Recognition 18th District, Texas Shelia Jackson Lee and Social Good in Action, Inc
*Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
*Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice – May 2020
*Texas Basic Peace Officer

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